Thursday, October 30, 2014

Puma Disc Rendering

Puma Disc Rendering

I really really really enjoyed my manual rendering and freehand drawing classes. The students were super talented!

The freehand class were freshmen, straight from high school with minimal experience in drawing. They have God-given talent alright, but needed guidance and development.

The manual rendering class, on the other hand, was a mix of sophomores and juniors. A little stubborn but they so do have skills! 

So I was just rendering away (image above) as they were busy doing their plates when one student saw what I was doing and approached me, "Sir, what is that?!" With big, round, enthusiastic eyes, they all looked and wanted me to teach them how to use Kurecolor markers. This was the freehand class, by the way. I said, "Sure, if you finish your plates on time, I'd be glad to."

I asked both my classes before the term ended and asked them, "Did you ever think that you could do this and be this good?" They said in reply, "Umm... no sir. Thanks to you, now we can!"

I'm not here to brag but I'm glad I was able to encourage, develop, and guide my students in the most creative way I can. Oh, and that moment when they say "thank you, sir" before stepping out of the class room for the last time, was the best feeling ever.

Thank you God for making me an instrument of creativity, and using me to help and guide these students. Until the next opportunity.

Mr. Kamote
Less Talk. More Juants.

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