Friday, October 17, 2014

Fold A Rainboots

Fold A Rainboots

WTF? Fold A Rainboots? Bad as the name of this product may sound but if you love your shoes, you will need this more than a JUANTProtection and peace of mind.

I saw this in SM Hypermart and priced at Php 139. You'll never know when the rain will come so better be prepared. You might look weird but your beloved shoes will be safe and dry, hopefully. Do I guarantee it? I haven't tried it yet but I might soon. I know what you're thinking, condom for shoes, hey c'mon, this is a wholesome blog with random rants once in awhile, ok?!

Reminds me of this Austin Powers moment, hahahahah!

Mr Kamote
Less Talk. More Juants.

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