Thursday, October 16, 2014

fragment design x Nike Roshe Run LD-1000 SP "Dark Navy"

To start this weekend right, here's something really awesome!

Hiroshi Fujiwara, the man behind fragment design, the H in the HTM team, one of my heroes when it comes to design, came up with this beautiful piece of awesomeness - the Nike Roshe Run LD-1000 SP. Man, when I first saw it this morning, I was like woah! As you know, my first when it comes to liking a shoe or loving it I must say, is the silhouette (model). Price comes next, comfort follows, colorway the last. This is the best of both worlds - classic ('coz it's LD-1000) and comfort ('coz it's Roshe). Price, I don't know yet since it's gonna come out on October 23 but I'm pretty sure wallets are gonna be a little lighter because it's a Fujiwara.

A definite JUANT!

Mr Kamote

Photo credit: Hypebeast

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