Friday, October 17, 2014

adidas SL Loop Runner "Munich"

adidas SL Loop Runner "Munich"

I'm in love! Well, not in love like how I love my wife but SL Loops are just beautiful! Sleek, minimalist but lots of character! Just like how I prefer my sneakers.

Urbanoutfitters just recently had a 20% discount and the whole world went bonkers for this! SL Loops are sold for $75, affordable right?! I'd rather buy this than Nike Roshe Runs (though I went crazy over them too, and I'll talk about it real soon).

They come in lots of colorways online so be sure to get a pair before its too late! Why buy it? Look how gorgeous it is! Oh yeah, because in the Philippines, they aren't into it just yet. 

More on the adidas SL Loop Runner coming soon!

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