Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Balance 990 Custom

New Balance 990 Custom

I'm a big New Balance freak! I started loving NBs when I moved to Singapore back in 2011. I was drooling on all models especially the 1300s. I could only afford 574s back then and it was my first ever NB pair. It was the classic gray colorway. Then I bought the blue 574s (still couldn't afford the ones I really really really really like). With all my hard work, patience and the "GO" signal from my wife, I finally bought the 990! It was a best Christmas gift ever!

This is New Balance's version of the NikeID. I just love the color combination on this one. Sometimes I like it subtle, sometimes loud. I just let the shoes do the talking.

Make your own customized NB 990 v1 here.

Anyway, how I wish I could afford this one again. Last one, I promise! :) OR New Balance will come across this and give me a FREE pair, perhaps?

Photo credit: New Balance, customized by Mr Kamote.

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