Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Overkill x KangaROOS Coil R1 "Abyss Flip"

Overkill x KangaROOS Coil R1 "Abyss Flip"

It's a little weird if there's a kangaroo on your feet and not the usual swoosh, three stripes, N, etc. This one, definitely, is an exception.

Ok, why is it an exception? It's a collab with Overkill, it's aqua, the silhouette is classic and it's not for everybody, and the quantity is limited to 50 pairs individually numbered! Talk about exclusivity.

More on this online at Overkill's and hypebeast (my daily source of sneaker oxygen).

Mr. Kamote
Less Talk. More Juants.

Photo Credit: hypebeast

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