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Mr. Kamote's Top 10 Basketball Sneakers

Mr. Kamote's Top 10 Basketball Sneakers

Grade School and High School was the time when us kids wanted nothing but basketball sneakers. We wanted the freshest pair. We wanted the craziest. We wanted to look cool on and off the court. We wanted to be popular.

Gone are the days when I went crazy over them. I rarely get excited about basketball shoes now because there's no more MJ, CB, Pip, GP that ruled the hardwood floor. BUT, there are some exceptions like KB and KD, of course.

Talking about my own Top 10 basketball sneaks is kinda hard because I have a lot in mind. There are a lot of JUANTS but these 10 are sure fire my favorite pairs.

1. Nike Air Force Max - Worn by Sir Charles and the Michigan Fab5, this pair is no doubt my all time favorite. I used to be at the power forward position but then some kids woke up and decided to be taller all of a sudden. Pfft.

2. Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low Multicolor - Ok this pair certainly have the best of both worlds. Performance and style! With the flyknit upper, man, this pair is gorgeous! Too bad Nike pulled out the multicolor. Pfft NikeID. No doubt, it looks good on and off the court.

3. Jordan IX - I hated this when it first released. It looked like his airness suddenly wanted to become a boxer. Then I came to realise, stared at it a coupe of times, tried it on, oh man, I was definitely wrong! This is my favorite Jordans.

4. adidas Crazy 8 - Kobe wore this while sporting an afro. That dude looked cool! Do I want to be like him? Nah. I respect you, though.

5. Jordan XI - To me, this has the best design ever. Tinker Hatfield is definitely one of my heroes. I would like to meet him someday, oh and his airness too.

6. Nike Air Zoom Flight 95This shoe was like out of this world! Jason Kidd was fun to watch back then and he annoys me now especially what he did with the "Hit me" thing. Tss, class act, Mr. Kidd. Ok fine, I forgive you.

7. Reebok the Question - This was worn by Iverson when he made Jordan dance. Everybody remembers that. For me, that was when AI truly made a name for himself.

8. Reebok The Blast - Doesn't this look cool?! I'm such a fan of the black and white colorway. Nick the Quick wore it making treys and slashing through the lane.

9. adidas Superstar 2G - My taste in basketball sneakers gradually changed from flashy to subtle, and I wasn't looking up to the stars anymore. My heroes were the 6th man, or even the reserves. Mario Elie played a big role in winning the championship with Houston and with San Antonio.

10. Nike KD 6 - This was like something fresh for me with the yellow/teal colorway. Low cut with a big swoosh, it reminds me of a soccer boot. It's so simple, it works. Then they released the PB&J. Now that's wow.

If I were to have any of the pair mentioned, Imma go with the Kobe 9 Elite Multicolor.
Why? Just look at it!

Stay tuned for more Top 10s.

Mr. Kamote
Less Talk. More Juants.

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