Monday, October 27, 2014

fragment design x Nike Sock Dart

fragment design x Nike Sock Dart

Let's start the week right, again! Just look at this awesomeness. Wow.

My usual routine of internet window shopping is to go immediately straight to hypebeast and all the other sites that I go to, and fill in my imaginary shopping cart with everything that I juant with my imaginary money and sulk. Yup.

Aside from drooling over these juants, I also go deeper into the concept, design, or for whatever reason makes it interesting for me. Don't you just want to know what's on Hiroshi Fujiwara's mind?! Oh man, when he creates, he delivers! Just by looking at the Nike Sock Dart, it makes you wonder what's his design inspiration is, where does he get his ideas from, why this particular colorway, blah blah. All these questions come into mind but I can set that aside first and continue drooling over those pair.

I'm really hoping to see an all black upper with speckled soles (fingers crossed) colorway, now that's definitely a BIG JUANT or maybe a multi-colored kinda flyknit colorway! Gasp.
How about a 306 Shanghai colorway, oh sh*****t!!! Doesn't it look comfy? Doesn't it look awesome?! I'm pretty sure it's like butter and your feet will just slide in.

Oh Lord, please let me have one, or two, or the LD-1000 Roshe, too. Ugh. 

Mr. Kamote
Less Talk. More Juants.

Photo Credit: hypebeast

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