Thursday, May 19, 2016

Unhyping myself for the mean time

Simple awesomeness.

When you can't get a pair of whatever that sneaker is, just buy something else. (I think I'm beginning to dedicate this blog to ranting about NMDs.)

To be honest, I have my days of jumping on the bandwagon. Most of the time, I stay away, way way way away from the bandwagon. The NMD is just a different story.

It's really good to stir away from the hype once in awhile or most of the time. It's liberating. 

Vans Old Skool

ANYWAY! Ok c'mon, let's just say it, "back at it again with the (white) Vans." Clearly, this isn't the white authentics. I'm tired of white sneakers. The thought of if becoming yellowish in the long run, ugh. Black sneakers are the way to go! I've been rocking Vans since 2000. I'm really happy with this purchase because this the reward for my hard work. I've been working late nights on my freelance design job. This is my trophy - for now.

Welcome home

One of the easiest, fastest purchases I made because I really wanted this pair for a long time. Thank God, the wife approves.

Now, if only I have those zipper pants from H&M, that would be great. 

Vans Old Skool is readily available locally and worldwide, so getting one won't be a problem.

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Mr Kamote

Photo credit: @kamoteatbp instagram

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

kamoteATBP x adidas NMD R1

Don't you just hate it when you want something so bad and you can't do anything about it? You've tried so hard, did everything you can, hassled almost everybody just to get that particular pair of sneakers but zero outcome. Waking up to new models and finding out that they're all sold out. Spotting that specific pair on ebay but double or triple the price. Then you see all these posts on social media how people are so lucky rocking those sneakers you've always wanted. Why them? Why not me? Why can't I have my own pair?

Crying MJ meme would be perfect right here but nah. 

Out of frustration, boredom and sudden release of creativity, I just designed my own NMD. With the same silhouette and materials, kamoteATBP's signature colors was applied. I'm pleased with it. I'm proud of it. Hopefully adidas would come across this and maybe do this color way. Or how about miadidas finally coming up with a customizable NMD? I think it's time. Give chance to others. PLEASE.

So again, I'll just have to wait until September and see if I'm lucky enough to have my own adidas NMD R1. Knock knock.

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Mr Kamote

Photo credit: Yours truly

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Restaurant 3: Lei Bistro

After church, we headed to Times Square to see what they have in store for us. Hunger kicks in, and what did we find? Lei Bistro.

We wanted something authentic, maybe not too commercialized, and of course delicious. We found ourselves lost in the middle of Times Square as our tummies felt forsaken.

We were slightly hesitant at first because we thought Lei Bistro was just one of those pretentious restaurants that seemed uninteresting but in fact, the whole place was packed. People kept coming in even if it was 2:30 in the afternoon! Little did we know that Lei Bistro is a World Class high-end restaurant chain in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and China. 
So in we went.

And of course, we ordered a lot again.

Pork Barbecue/Steak of some sort

Delicious Fried Rice - Highly Recommended

Crispy Roasted Pork - Highly Recommended

Yup, my wife and I ate like royalty since this lunch was a treat from her boss. Big thanks to JB! Be sure to check out Lei Bistro whenever you're in Hong Kong. You're welcome.

For more information on Lei Bistro, visit them here.

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Mr Kamote

Photo credit: @kamoteatbp instagram

Restaurant 2: Mak's Noodles

Hailed as Hong Kong's most famous wanton noodles, this little restaurant is packed with delicious awesomeness. Actually, there are lots of Mak's in Hong Kong and this was luckily situated near where we stayed in Tin Hau. This may be a franchise or a relative of theirs but we don't care, the noodles were amazing! If you want the authentic taste, this one's for you.

Wanton Beef Noodle

We ordered the wanton beef noodle and we miss it terribly! I'm craving for some and currently salivating as I write this down. Words cannot describe how delicious this is, just take my word for it! I know it's blasphemous if I compare it to David's Tea House version but if there's one near by, I'm definitely there right now.

Highly recommended if you're in Hong Kong. Be sure to add this to your must try list!

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Mr Kamote

Photo credit: @kamoteatbp instagram

Hello, Hong Kong!

Thank you Lord for another opportunity to travel and see the world.

I must say, 3 days and 2 nights in Hong Kong is no longer enough. Maybe at least 4 days and 3 nights of eating, shopping, eating, shopping, eating and shopping. Yeah, and maybe some eating and shopping.

Some people say going to Hong Kong is more affordable these days than going to some parts in the Philippines like Boracay, El Nido or Batanes. My wife and I decided to take a breather from all the negativity, and enjoy ourselves with food and shopping.

We arrived Saturday and the first thing we looked for after freshening up is dimsum. Lots and lots of dimsum!

Restaurant 1: One Dim Sum, Prince Edward, Hong Kong

Good thing we have friends living in Hong Kong for quite some time now (thanks JL and April!). One Dim Sum at Prince Edward they said, warning us with long queues and waiting time. With no hesitation whatsoever, we headed to One Dim Sum and waited for about an hour and a half. Worth every minute!

Long queue means awesomeness ahead

Yup, 1 hour and a half. Enough time to catch up, rant about what's wrong with our country, and salivate on what we we're about to feast on. Of course, we ordered everything. Not really but we think we did. From the staples like shrimp dumplings, siew mai, pork buns, we finished them dry. We were so hungry, we didn't get the chance to take pictures of the food we ordered! Food was awesome and value for money as well.

One Dim Sum is highly recommended if you're going to Hong Kong. There are lots of restaurants that serve dimsum but this one has our hearts.

More on delicious Hong Kong food coming soon!

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Mr Kamote

Photo credit: @kamoteatbp instagram

Traveler by TOMS - Dalston Matte Yellow

Summer isn't over yet in the Philippines!

Aside from sneakers, poison no.2 are sunglasses. Of course, there are selected ones which I prefer and I'm not into the common Ray-Bans, Oakleys or whatever. Also, anything more than $300 (about Php15,000), I forget about them even if they're ultimate juants. Paying ridiculous amounts isn't really that worth it especially if you're not going to wear them all day.

Talking about this pair, I really like the yellow matte frames on this one. It's different, uncommon, and not all would wear something like this. Just perfect. The last time I checked, it was on 40% off, thanks to TOMS' 10-year anniversary. 

I see this with a grey v-neck tee, rolled-up light shade jeans, and your favorite sneakers.

If you dig this pair, head on over to TOMS pop-up store at the 2nd floor, Rockwell Powerplant mall.

More on this here.

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Mr Kamote

Photo Credit: @kamoteatbp instagram

Monday, May 16, 2016

Zipper pants - hate it or love it.

As mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I've been watching these youtube video blogs from Riche Le, Locust and Wild Honey, and Neemzzz about sneakers and fashion. One thing that stuck on me is the zipper pant. It kinda grew on me as days go by, then I started looking for it online. H&M ran out of it, Fear of God is way too expensive for me. They are the 2 brands that made zipper pants a thing now. Bye for now, joggers.

What's interesting about these pants anyway? Aside from the zippers, they look a lot different from the joggers, obviously. It's more rockstar, more rugged. You zip open all the way up, mid way or closed, depends on the footwear. A little roomy on the waist then it hugs down to the ankles. Zipper pants would definitely look good on Vans Old Skools, checkered authentics, NMDs, or even chelsea boots as shown above. (Nope, you will never catch me looking like that guy up there.) 

Nah, I'll just find my old pants, buy a few zippers and have it done by my tailor. Hey, I'm not cheap, I'm thrifty. I got the idea from Neemzzz's video blog on youtube, you can check it out below.

For more information about this pant, be sure to check out these video blogs:

1. Riche Le's zipper pants feature and best sneakers to wear with zipper pants
2. Locust and Wild Honey's FOG zipper pants feature
3. Neemzzz's zipper pants DIY

These are some of the brands that have zipper pants:

1. H&M
2. Fear of God
3. Killion
4. I Love Ugly

Less Talk. More Juants.

Mr Kamote

Photo Credit: Complex, Rakuten, Fear of God


I have been juanting this ever since it was released last March 2016. To be honest, I was a little off at first with all the color ways that came out but when the black was made available, I was like "oh man, that's mine!"

Then this color way came. I've never wanted a sneaker this bad. I mean reeeeaaaal baaaad! I've been checking sites, social media, asking my friends and relatives both local and abroad, ZERO. I think the NMD isn't just meant for me. I even went to Hong Kong just a couple of weeks ago, zilch. Well there was a few but double or even triple the amount! There's no way I'm paying for ridiculous prices. I could buy 5 or more sneakers with that.

Ball Head Hong Kong - from HKD1499-1799

Out of boredom and desperation, I came across @unrivaledgoods ebay and twitter account. They have my size and the exact color way I wanted BUT I have to bid for it. I said, "alright, you gotta do what you gotta do!" So I made an ebay account, placed a bid, and prayed to God that hopefully this pair would be mine finally. I was like the top bidder for a day not until I woke up this morning. Somebody was way ahead and went over my budget of $150. There's no way I'm paying more than that so I threw in the towel.

I just hope that person or whoever wins the bid will enjoy wearing, using, flaunting, and loving that pair AND hopefully, doesn't resell it for a stupid ridiculous price. BUT, for those have the means, go for it. Though, there's always something more worth your hard earned money than overpriced items.

My wait for September continues.

Anyway, I'll be posting about what you can buy for $150 aside from overpriced NMDs.

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Mr Kamote

Photo credit: Rise NY, Ball Head, Kicks Project

P.S. Resellers, please give respect to the real collectors. We know it's also a business but we are not hypebeasts. We actually use, love, and grow old with the sneakers.

Back at it again with a long post! Well, not really.

After a loooooooooooooooooooong break from sneaker blogging, Mr Kamote is back. Hopefully for good! I must admit, it was the overall hype that caused it. Too many juants, too much hype going on, zero funds, but the love for sneakers will never fade.

I miss writing (if you call this writing), but for now let's just do over, shall we?

I was actually considering of coming up with my own video blogs on youtube. I was inspired by Richie Le, locustandwildhoney, DJ Hes of Hes Kicks and Neemzzz, just to name a few. I realized it's not for me. Maybe if I had a lot of money, then I would do what they do, with a touch of kamote. Shout outs to these guys, they're awesome in what they're doing and big thanks to them for introducing me to a much bigger world of sneakers. Please do watch their videos on youtube for some awesome stuff about sneakers and fashion.

Anyway, it's good to be back and hopefully I could give you more interesting stuff in the future.

Less talk. More Juants,

Mr Kamote