Monday, May 16, 2016

Zipper pants - hate it or love it.

As mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I've been watching these youtube video blogs from Riche Le, Locust and Wild Honey, and Neemzzz about sneakers and fashion. One thing that stuck on me is the zipper pant. It kinda grew on me as days go by, then I started looking for it online. H&M ran out of it, Fear of God is way too expensive for me. They are the 2 brands that made zipper pants a thing now. Bye for now, joggers.

What's interesting about these pants anyway? Aside from the zippers, they look a lot different from the joggers, obviously. It's more rockstar, more rugged. You zip open all the way up, mid way or closed, depends on the footwear. A little roomy on the waist then it hugs down to the ankles. Zipper pants would definitely look good on Vans Old Skools, checkered authentics, NMDs, or even chelsea boots as shown above. (Nope, you will never catch me looking like that guy up there.) 

Nah, I'll just find my old pants, buy a few zippers and have it done by my tailor. Hey, I'm not cheap, I'm thrifty. I got the idea from Neemzzz's video blog on youtube, you can check it out below.

For more information about this pant, be sure to check out these video blogs:

1. Riche Le's zipper pants feature and best sneakers to wear with zipper pants
2. Locust and Wild Honey's FOG zipper pants feature
3. Neemzzz's zipper pants DIY

These are some of the brands that have zipper pants:

1. H&M
2. Fear of God
3. Killion
4. I Love Ugly

Less Talk. More Juants.

Mr Kamote

Photo Credit: Complex, Rakuten, Fear of God

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