Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hello, Hong Kong!

Thank you Lord for another opportunity to travel and see the world.

I must say, 3 days and 2 nights in Hong Kong is no longer enough. Maybe at least 4 days and 3 nights of eating, shopping, eating, shopping, eating and shopping. Yeah, and maybe some eating and shopping.

Some people say going to Hong Kong is more affordable these days than going to some parts in the Philippines like Boracay, El Nido or Batanes. My wife and I decided to take a breather from all the negativity, and enjoy ourselves with food and shopping.

We arrived Saturday and the first thing we looked for after freshening up is dimsum. Lots and lots of dimsum!

Restaurant 1: One Dim Sum, Prince Edward, Hong Kong

Good thing we have friends living in Hong Kong for quite some time now (thanks JL and April!). One Dim Sum at Prince Edward they said, warning us with long queues and waiting time. With no hesitation whatsoever, we headed to One Dim Sum and waited for about an hour and a half. Worth every minute!

Long queue means awesomeness ahead

Yup, 1 hour and a half. Enough time to catch up, rant about what's wrong with our country, and salivate on what we we're about to feast on. Of course, we ordered everything. Not really but we think we did. From the staples like shrimp dumplings, siew mai, pork buns, we finished them dry. We were so hungry, we didn't get the chance to take pictures of the food we ordered! Food was awesome and value for money as well.

One Dim Sum is highly recommended if you're going to Hong Kong. There are lots of restaurants that serve dimsum but this one has our hearts.

More on delicious Hong Kong food coming soon!

Less Talk. More Juants.
Mr Kamote

Photo credit: @kamoteatbp instagram

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