Wednesday, May 18, 2016

kamoteATBP x adidas NMD R1

Don't you just hate it when you want something so bad and you can't do anything about it? You've tried so hard, did everything you can, hassled almost everybody just to get that particular pair of sneakers but zero outcome. Waking up to new models and finding out that they're all sold out. Spotting that specific pair on ebay but double or triple the price. Then you see all these posts on social media how people are so lucky rocking those sneakers you've always wanted. Why them? Why not me? Why can't I have my own pair?

Crying MJ meme would be perfect right here but nah. 

Out of frustration, boredom and sudden release of creativity, I just designed my own NMD. With the same silhouette and materials, kamoteATBP's signature colors was applied. I'm pleased with it. I'm proud of it. Hopefully adidas would come across this and maybe do this color way. Or how about miadidas finally coming up with a customizable NMD? I think it's time. Give chance to others. PLEASE.

So again, I'll just have to wait until September and see if I'm lucky enough to have my own adidas NMD R1. Knock knock.

Less Talk. More Juants.
Mr Kamote

Photo credit: Yours truly

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