Friday, October 24, 2014

Ms. Edith Oliveros, (May 8, 1938 - October 14, 2014)

Ms. Edith Oliveros, (May 8, 1938 - October 14, 2014)

This time, I'm going to blog about a heroine of mine. No JUANTS, just praise and thanksgiving.

She is Edith Oliveros, a very creative, inspiring, I laugh with you kind of individual. She is my aunt. She has gone through a lot in her 76 years. She has brushed elbows with socialites, partied with politicians, shopped with royalties but she kept herself humble and simple. She just wanted to hear a joke and spend every peso in her available sms balance to everyone so that they could all laugh with her. She also has been through hard times but cancer couldn't put her down. She went through all of these and won because she was filled with positivity.

She doesn't like wearing shoes (a total opposite of me), she doesn't like wearing make up but she would make time and fix herself up for you. But what she likes is to share stories with you. Anything that interests you, she will listen while she flips through cable channels continuously.

She had an interior design studio where the staff was like a one big family. They would have costume parties, theme parties, out of town trips, you name it! Everybody had a great time at the studio. Some of the staff told me that if boss got mad or frustrated, she'd fly off to the US, and come back with pasalubong (treats) for everyone, forgetting the reason she fled was because of them. Haha! She is still boss to everybody because they respect and love her.

She was like a second mom to me. I'd run to her for creative related stuff, talk about life, money, and how to make life less complicated. I asked her if I should study interior design so I could continue her legacy. She politely said no and told me to pursue my dreams and make my own legacy. "You'll never know what's going to happen if you don't try new things, learn new things and make new things. Do good because you're really talented. You'll make your own name eventually." I learned a lot from her. I never thanked her enough for who I am and what I am now but because I'm here now, here you go Tita, thank you very much.

I love you, Tita Boss. May you rest in peace.


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