Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Movember real soon!

It's Movember real soon!

We all want what we can't have, and for this case, great hair and epic beard. 

I was born with straight hair and ruined by wearing stupid baseball caps. I even went to different salons to have it fixed but ending up looking more stupid. If I don't have pomades, wax or even gel on, I look like Superman who lost his job (you get the picture).

So one day in Singapore, I asked myself and my wife, what if I have it cut real short and go out of my comfort zone? Then I came across this local barber, Muffyn, a very friendly, cool, weird in his own way kinda guy who owns The Panic Room SG barber shop. So I had it cut, styled and voila, a new me! Thanks Muffyn, hope to see you again one day! Here is an artwork I made for him.

I'm never going back to long hair ever, maybe... (in Fat Bastard's accent), but for now, I like it real short, clean cut and swabe. My wife loves it! She even approves of my quasi beard/moustache already.

Mr Kamote
Less Talk. More Juants.

Photo Credit: 1st photo - tumblr, 2nd photo - yours truly

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