Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sneaker Lust: White Summer Sneakers

Vans Era Laceless

Sneaker Lust: White Summer Sneakers

Summer is fast approaching and white sneakers are a must. Take note, SNEAKERS. Please. Perfect whites paired with rolled summer shorts, pique shirts or v-necks, your favorite sunnies, you can't go wrong.

Get creative on your old whites by buying yourself a good amount of colored dye, dipping the tip over night, let it dry, voila!

Tretorn Nylite Canvas

Want to add character to your style? Roll your pants up. Don't forget to get yourself some no-show socks, it just looks better that way and more hygienic.

Superga Cotu Classic

Staples like adidas Superstar and Stan Smith are back so do get your pair!

adidas Stan Smith

adidas Superstar

And again, just a reminder... SNEAKERS and not SHIT like this. Please, let's put a stop to this monstrosity and horrendous piece of... ugh.

Some ugly white shoe

Less Talk. More Juants.
Mr. Kamote

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