Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ryle Justin Uy: Industrial Designer

Ryle Justin Uy: Industrial Designer

A fellow industrial designer, an aspiring footwear designer, a sneaker enthusiast. Talented and creative, indeed.

I met him thru social media by sharing thoughts about sneakers, design and street culture. Looking at his concepts on instagram, this guy deserves a seat at Nike, adidas, New Balance or wherever he wants to be. I consider him blessed for having the talent and putting it in full use. 

I have my fair share of sneaker sketches but they don't compare to his. His sketches are exquisite and you will definitely see the passion and drive in every stroke. 

I salute you my friend, keep it up and I wish you all the best! I hope we can collaborate someday.

Here's more.

Thanks Ryle Justin Uy for letting me share your awesome talent.

Less Talk. More Juants.
Mr. Kamote

Photo credit: Ryle Justin Uy on instagram

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