Wednesday, January 7, 2015

adidas SL Loop Runner

adidas Element Refine Tricot

adidas SL Loop Runner

What did I say about starting the New Year right? Yup, this is how I did it!

Everybody else in the world would say "Look what came in the mail today" or "Look what just Santa delivered", mine would be, "Fresh from the Balikbayan box!"

I got 2 awesome sneakers last 2014 Christmas but due to unforeseen circumstances, the Balikbayan box came 3 days after!!! We're still thankful that it arrived and safe from greedy monkeys and crocodiles.

The Element Refine Tricot is really super comfy based from what I've heard. I never really expected this pair as a gift from my sister and brother-in-law, it was the only colorway that I prefer! The SL Loop is indeed a favorite and in just 1 day, it got 24 likes in my instagram account. Hey, from a non-famous instagrammer, 24 likes is something to be proud and happy about.

If you want comfort, Tricot is for you. If you to stand out, go for the SL Loop.

Though, I'm cutting down on pairs for 2015, I'm definitely sticking to the classics. Like what I've said before, I can't keep up with the game. I'll just keep it classic.

Less Talk. More Juants.
Mr. Kamote

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