Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Sneaker Lust: Karhu Fulcrum Star

Karhu Fulcrum Star

New Sneaker Lust: Karhu Fulcrum Star

There's more to a sneaker than just the colorway, silhouette and design. Let us not ignore the history behind, and be more in the know than just being "in" them.

Established in 1916, it is a running shoe from Finland with a very rich history. Jumping to 1920, the Karhu brand came from the Finnish term for bear.

Dominating the Olympics in 1952, they originally had the three stripes on their spikes but eventually selling it to you know who for 2 bottles of whiskey and about 1,600 euros. Surprised aren't you? Check it out here!

1960 came, Karhu finally registered and adapted the M logo on their shoes from the word "Mestari" which means champion in Finnish.

Interesting, right? But enough of history and let us focus on the future.

I only came across Karhu by accident on Instagram. The Fulcrum (pictured on the very top) was an immediate declaration of a Juant. I love the silhouette and the colorway! Yes, I have finally accepted the fact that the classics are more fitting to me than the new and high-tech ones. I also love the fact that not everyone is familiar with the Karhu brand... less hype.

Karhu Albatross

This might be a little too bright for me but I sure do Juant a red pair!

For more interesting facts and information about Karhu, head on over to their website and checkout all the awesome originals here.

Mr. Kamote
Less Talk. More Juants.

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