Monday, February 9, 2015

Mr. Kamote's Top 10 "More Yeezy Than The Actual Yeezy Boost"

Mr. Kamote's Top 10 "More Yeezy Than The Actual Yeezy Boost"

Hello hello. It took me awhile to post something again because there was nothing I consider a Juant, and still does. I'm bored. 

Poof came the Yeezy Boost.

Kanye West x adidas Yeezy Boost 750

Do I like it? Nah. Do I hate it? Meh. Is it a Juant? Most definitely, NOT. Am I gonna talk about it? Nope. Maybe just a little. To be honest, I was expecting a whole lot more from Mr West. I wonder what's his design concept is? I wonder why is everyone going bonkers again?! Too much hype, people.


Let's go back to what I really want to talk about, my Top 10 "More Yeezys than the actual Yeezy Boost". I think these 10 has more Kanye written all over them.

10. adidas Y-3 Retro Boost Hibiscus - The simplicity, the minimalism, great design Mr Yamamoto! Plus, I really like the floral print on this one. I actually thought Kanye had something to do with this.

09. Jordan Eclipse Cement - To be honest, I'm not that much of a fan of Jordan sneakers. Everybody's wearing them. I kinda liked this one because it reminds me of the Roshe Run but no way I'm spending on a pair! The colorway is, by the way, so Kanye.

08. Nike Blazer Mid Metric QS Triple Black - Doesn't it look like a promising Yeezy? The angles, the triple black, the silhouette, uhuh.

07. ETQ. Amsterdam Mid 2 - This reminds me of one of Kanye's Louis Vuitton pairs. Not sure with the name because I can't afford it so why bother, right? This one's just super clean and classy. No screaming logos, nothing crazy going on, just the way I like it.

06. adidas Y-3 Qasa - Kanye is known to be creative, I mean really creative. When the Tubular came out, we all thought he had a part in it. Sorry Mr Yamamoto for associating your brilliant designs with Mr West but I've said it once and I'm gonna say it again, it's so Kanye.

05. ClearWeather One-O-One - It's red, it has those fringes that for some reason, works for me, and that adjustable cord behind that I wish they could have it in gold or something other than plastic. Yup, it's on the Juant list.

04. Nike Air Python Sail - From camo, to floral, to weave, to whatever Nike brilliantly thinks of, this looks like a Yeezy for me. Why? The python print of course, and yeah, it being white and gold.

03. Ronnie Fieg x Buscemi 110mm Bred - With all those things going on which either I can't explain or don't bother explaining at all, admit it, it hella looks like a Yeezy!

02. Air Jordan 2 x Just Don - Kanye is fashion, high-fashion. This shoe is made in Italy. 'Nuff said.

01. Filling Pieces Low Top Transformed - Silhouette, colorway, details, need I say more?

Ok, this is just my opinion and nobody is obliged to agree. I just hope that the Yeezy Boost could be something else and Mr West is just punking us and will reveal something more awesome at the 2015 New York Fashion week. Please.

Stay tuned for more Top 10s.

Mr. Kamote
Less Talk. More Juants.

Photo Credit: All photos can be found on SneakerFreaker's website

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